Obelisk GRN1 Mini 70.00 h/s Grin miner

The new Obelisk GRN1 Mini GRIN has a speed of no less than 70 GP / S which equals 40 usd per day, calculated on 13-5-2019. Click here for the current return. This unique Grin coin miner is available from August. Pre order the Grin miner now you are assured that you are the first in Europe to get started with this very profitable miner!

Grin miner based on the latest 7nm Asics chips.

Obelisk GRN1 Mini 70.00 h/s

  • With a power consumption of only 400 watts, this miner is the most profitable on the market!
  • The 7nm Asics chips are suitable for the Cuckatoo31, (Cuckatoo31 +, Cuckatoo32 +) algorithm
  • The speed of 70 GP / s on GRIN is equal to 40 usd per day.
  • This Grin miner is supplied including food