GPU mining containers

20Ft remote monitoring mining container
Special racks are provided in the custom container to accommodate all servers. In this way, servers can be placed in a standard 20Ft container with graphics cards. To ensure proper cooling, “Dummy servers” should be placed on the empty positions. The cooling is done by the ambient airflow. In the roof module, 8 large fans are fitted with a 20Ft container to bring fresh air into the container. The air drawn in is first filtered through removable filters to ensure purity. The cool air is blown through all servers and sucked in for optimal cooling. The heated air will exit through the grilles on the sides of the container.

At the front of the container is a large electrical box. The cabinet distributes the power over the modules. All power is distributed from the control cabinet to PDU (Power Distribution Units). These PDUs will have enough sockets to connect all miners.

1392 GPU mining cards inside 1 container
The racks are tailor-made for special servers. A number of graphics cards can be mounted in these servers. Ask us about the possibilities and different cards.


Newest GPU mining cards


Power consumption of the cards


Power consumption for cooling

Our latest and most powerful GPU container

By using an integrated industrial PLC it is possible to check and adjust the following:

  • Remote logging is possible
  • Each PDU can be switched on and off separately (all connected modules are switched off at the same time)
  • There is a power measurement of the full consumption of the container
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure measurements are provided at various locations. These can be read and checked.
  • The main switch can be switched off remotely (NOTE: remote switch on is not possible)

GPU mining container information

  • 20Ft mining container
  • CE certified fully insured
  • Up to 8 large fans for cooling available
  • Interchangeable dust filters
  • Remote controlled
  • Engineered in-house
  • 12 months warranty
  • Flexible use
  • Mining location with residual value
  • Longer lifespan of your hardware

Different containers for different climates

A mining container is ideal for storing your mining machines somewhere, but also to move them if necessary. We look at the right conditions for each location and can adjust our container accordingly.

Power Supply

3 x 400V + N + PE - 50Hz

Power cooling unit (indicative max.) for 1 container

± 30 kW on max. duty (30° ambient temperature)

Power cooling unit (indicative average)
for 1 container

± 20 kW on average duty (20° ambient temperature)

Voltage fluctuations

< 5% of the base voltage


Max. 80%
Variations to be discussed

Ambient temperature

Min. -10°C Max. 30°C
Variations to be discussed