What is FPGA and what are the benefits?

FPGA mining is the new most efficient and most cost-effective way to mine cryptocurrency. The groundbreaking FPGA technology makes mining profitable even in the bear market! FPGA mining offers many benefits, including power consumption, speed, and the programmable chip.

FPGA is a sort of technology that is normally used in self-driving cars and the space sector. In addition, there are many other applications that work very quickly and accurately on the FPGA chips. Because FPGA’s can be used in many areas, the FPGA’s retain their value.

To be able to mine with FPGA boards, the algorithms must be rewritten for the FPGA boards, this is very difficult and time-consuming work. There are only a few companies that are currently working on software development for the FPGA’s in the field of mining.

There are also open source providers of FPGA mining algorithms that launch everything open source, Zetheron is one of them. The problem with open source software is that it does not work on stable coins with enough trading volume. In addition, the profits on open source mining algorithms quickly fall drastically because the entire FPGA community is mining on those algorithms.

It is therefore necessary to develop private mining algorithms and to keep these private for our clients. Our aim is to launch a new private mining algorithm every 1-2 months for our clients. That way you are assured of the best returns on the right coins. The private mining developments cost a lot of time and are very cost intensive.

The difference between ASICs and FPGA mining:

ASIC’s machines consist of 100th small chips, which are made to perform a certain task and can then no longer be used for anything else if the profits fall back on the mined coin. In addition, the ASIC machines use a lot of power and they are often delivered in large batches, which means that profits quickly fall drastically.

The major advantage of FPGA mining over ASICs is the flexible FPGA chip that can be reloaded with a new mining algorithm if profits drop. In addition, an FPGA card uses only 300-350 watts. The speed of an FPGA chip is also many times higher than that of an ASIC’s machine. Unlike FPGA, ASIC’s chips cannot perform calculations on networks with a high bandwidth, which is why we only develop algorithms that are not suitable for ASIC’s machines! Therefore you always mined the most profitable coins at bizarre speeds.

The difference between GPU and FPGA mining:

GPU cards are very versatile and you can easily mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The disadvantage is the speed and the large mining farms that increase the difficulty of the network, so that there is almost no profit to be gained.

The FPGA chips have a speed of 30 to 100 GTX 1070 cards from nvidia and only use 300-350 a bit!

Advantages of FPGA mining

  • 30 to 100 times faster than GPU mining
  • 3 to 10 times faster than ASIC’s mining
  • Only 300-350 watts per card
  • 90-95% less power consumption
  • 24 to 36 months warranty
  • Best ROI (return of investment)
  • Private Bitstream Development
  • Perfect hosting solutions
  • Cheapest hosting
  • 6 month contract