Sia miner

Obelisk SC1 SLIM 550 GH/s Siacoin miner

The Obelisk SC1 SLIM 550Gh / s Siacoin miner is the most profitable miner on the market for mining on the Blake256 / Blake2b algorithm, for Siacoin among others. The Obelisk SC1 ASIC miner has an amazing speed of 550 Gh / s. Obelisk SC1 miner uses the newest generation of 7nm asic chips. With a speed of 550 Gh / s, the miner makes no less than 10 dollars per day calculated on 13-5-2019.

Obelisk SC1 SLIM 550Gh / s Siacoin miner based on the latest 7nm Asic chips.

Obelisk SC1 SLIM 550 GH/s

  • ASICminer Antminer Obelisk 550 Gh / s Blake256 / Blake2B miner
    With a power consumption of only 400 watts, this miner is the most profitable on the market at the moment for mining Siacoin!
  • The 7nm Asics chips are suitable for the Blake256 / Blake2B algorithm
  • The speed of 550Gh / s on Sia is equivalent to 10+ usd per day!
  • This Obelisk SC1 sia miner is supplied inclusive with the corresponding food.

Obelisk SC1 SLIM profit

550 Gh/s

Hash rate miner

400 watt

Cost per day € 1,73
(calculated with € 0,18 p/kwh)

€ 0,88

profit (€ 2,61) - cost (€ 1,73)

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Siacoin (SC)
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