NVIDIA GPU mining rigs

Nvidia graphic cards are ideal for mining on multiple algorithms like thash, neoscrypt, equihash.

We carefully select each part of the miner with the best known hardware from brands like MSI and ASUS. Every rig is designed to give the best performance  hash rate/power usage. Down below we have a list of coins to mine on the different algorithms.

Amd graphics are specially designed to give maximum speed on ethash(ethereum) coins. For other algorithms and coins Nvidia is the best system to use in mining.

We are the best partner to help you set up your own mining farm according to your specific wishes. We are specialized in producing mining farms for our customers. We manufacture multiple mining farms and can help you with everything there is to know about a mining farm; power, heat, location and more. The estimated delivery time for a mining farm is 21-30 working days, yes that is fast!

Nvidia RTX videokaarten