Antminer B7 Bytom miner

Antminer B7 Bytom miner

The latest Antminer B7 asic miner from Bitmain is specially made for the Tensority algorithm. For the mining of Bytom coin (BTM), this miner has an amazing speed of no less than 96 Kh / S, which equals to 13 usd per day calculated on 13-5-2019 click here for the current return. This unique Bytom coin miner is available directly from stock!

Bytom Antminer based on the latest 7nm Asics chips.

Antminer B7 Bytom miner

  • With a power consumption of only 530 watts, this miner is the most profitable on the market for mining the Bytom coin!
  • The 7nm Asics chips are suitable for the Tensority algorithm
  • The speed of 96 Kh / S on Bytom equals 15+ usd per day!
  • This Antminer B7 is supplied inclusive with the corresponding power supply

Antminer B7 profit

96 KH/s

Hash rate miner

530 watt

Cost per day € 2,29
(calculated with € 0,18 p/kwh)

€ 4,39

Revenue per day

Data from WHAT TO MINE last updated: 10-11-2019 03:00:03

Name (tag)
Block Time
Block Reward
Last Block
Rev. BTC
Rev. BTC 24h
Aantal coins 24h
Rev. 24h
Change 1 uur
Change 24 uur
Change 7 dagen

Bytom (BTM)
€ 4,91