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Cryptocoinmining.nl offers you the best market advice about the latest developments in the mining market. By responding to current mining market developments with the right knowledge and experience, you are always guaranteed of up-to-date advice.


Are you looking for a solution to place your mining machines safely and under the right conditions, but not to be stuck in one place? We supply mining containers that can be fully insured, in accordance with CE level. We engineer this container completely ourselves and we can adjust it per type of mining machine. We can also make our containers operational for warmer climate conditions. In short, if you are looking for a mining container, contact us!

GPU mining

We deliver completely plug & play GPU systems that come with a handy dashboard where you can find all information about your miner/yield. We can supply all GPU miners directly from stock or with a delivery time of only 14-21 working days.

ASIC mining

Through years of contact with our Chinese suppliers, you are assured of the best and fastest delivery conditions throughout Europe! We can supply almost any ASIC miner directly from stock from the stocks of our Chinese suppliers.

CLOUD mining

Cloud mining is purchasing mining speed on the ETHEREUM network. You will not be bothered by noise and heat in the house. We purchase and maintain the hardware. You will be paid the speed directly to your wallet.

Populare GPU miners

GPU miners

Low wattage

Almost no sound

Plug & play

Flexible mining

24 months warranty

Free installation

Calculation example 8x 3070 miner

Each ASIC miner straight from
stock deliverd from
our Chinese suppliers,

You are assured of the best advice and current returns in the market

Populare ASIC's miners

Reliable and personal advice

Cryptcoinmining.nl offers installation and support on all products that are purchased via the webshop and in the store, so you are always sure of a properly working mining machine.

With 4 owners, each with their own specialties, we can provide you with the best advice at Crypto Coin Mining. You can contact us in various ways and visit us to discuss your wishes.